Designing Web Pages to Raise Rankings

Did you know that how you design your web pages can play a huge partin how you pages rank? Today we are going to be listing some great techniques for web design that will maximise the impact your website, as provided by a leading web design Lancashire agency. Keep on reading…

Top Tips

SEO friendly URL

The URL of your website absolutely must be SEO friendly, this is imperative. Use keywords which are relevant to your business. Avoid using long URLs where possible. Remember that your chosen URL should provide people with a little information regarding what your business is about.

Optimised images

In order to obtain the best search engine rankings you much optimise images along with the text on your website. This is something in which many companies fail to do. Avoid using large images on your website as these can sometimes slow page speeds down and ensure that you use keywords in image text including your logo and header.

Responsive web design

Google now recommends that websites should boast responsive web designs so that they can be shown in the greatest ways across all devices. With so many people across the world now using mobile more than they do desktop, this is something that will definitely pay off and stop you from losing out on valuable traffic and conversions.

Easy navigation

You do not want the navigation of your website to be difficult to understand – People should be easily able to find what they are looking for otherwise they may leave you website and visit one of your competitors.

Fast page load time

Page load time is incredibly important; you want your website’s pages to load as quickly as possible to keep your visitors engaged. There are many things that you can do to reduce page load speeds including minimising JavaScript’s, using small images and browser catching.

Social media integration

We all know how much power social media holds and how high they rank in the search engines. When designing your website, if you have social media accounts you should integrate these to your website, adding social media buttons for people to click on should they wish.

These are only some of the available tips for web design for SEO too… If you are looking for a new web design that is perfect for SEO and that will assist in your company being as successful as possible online, we recommend that you contact a reputable web design/SEO agency today.

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