Five Easy Tips to Succeed Your Webinar

So, you are convinced of the interest of the webinar for your activity and have decided to start? Good news! Creating an online seminar has many advantages.

To test a new idea, gather your customers’ opinions or increase your sales, the webinar is a great opportunity for your business and an effective tool for your visibility. However, webinar hosting is not improvised and will only be successful if it is well thought out. Then, how to successfully complete your webinar for sure?

My Tip 1: Refine the Choice of Your Theme

This advice prevails for a lot of things, you will say … However, there is no secret, the more you know and master your subject, the more effective you will be in your approach. Do not forget that the webinar has, among other things, is an objective, to establish your expertise and to demonstrate your professionalism! It would be a shame to tangle your brushes on one or more unreflected questions.

To begin with, choosing a topical and relevant theme with a hard-hitting title is your key to entry. If you regularly answer the same questions from your customers, then you know their interests and the information they expect. Why not propose a theme in response to their expectations for your future webinar? By being proactive, you demonstrate that your company knows how to adapt and is attentive to the feedback of its consumers.

My Tip 2: Prepare and Embellish the Contents of the Webinar

It’s logical enough, do not you think? Both in the objectives, the content, the budget, or the number of co-organizers present that day. Who are you going to address? What is the level of knowledge of your audience? Who are the people you do not want to see?

Preparing the content of your webinar is therefore paramount but keep in mind the main purpose of your webinar: to meet the needs of your audience in terms of content and products. It is up to you to make your webinar attractive and interesting for your target audience (without spelling errors, enhanced with dynamic and animated slides, for example) and which allows you to gain visibility, commitment and turnover. All of this, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour to keep your audience busy.

My Tip 3: Anticipate the Problems of the Day

An effective and successful webinar is a quality webinar! And when I talk about quality, I want to talk about its content, but also its sound and visual quality. Choosing the materials you will use on your webinar day is very important! Do not skimp on the choice of a high-performance microphone, so that your listeners can hear you correctly. I also advise you to print the contents of your webinar (slides) to have it on hand in case of technical problem.

Finally, choose a popular and powerful webinar software like ezTalks Meetings, with which you can host a webinar with up to 10000 participants from any of your device running on iOS, Android, Windows or Macintosh OS X, at any time from anywhere.

Its easy screen sharing and interactive whiteboard sharing features empowers you to better express your thoughts with audiences scatted over the world in real time. The built-in instant messaging tool lets you chat with any one or all immediately. You can even record webinars so that you can play it at any time.

My Tip 4: Communicate Widely around Your Webinar

You have finally set the date and time of your event? Well done, you’re ready! You only have to announce it to your entourage, prospects, partners, etc to attract as many people as possible. Relay on your social networks, article publication on your website, sending an impacting mail or a newsletter: all the means are good to communicate around your webinar!

The success of your event depends, among other things, on the number of spectators connected. To better qualify and quantify your audience, you can also create a registration form that will allow you to know the number of participants. Many professionals have understood the importance of webinars and are already doing so.

My Tip 5: Dare Sell Your Products and Services during Your Webinar

Conducting a webinar is not trivial. It brings visibility and popularity to your business and allows you to create a link with your community. In fact, this is the perfect time to offer your products and services. Listened to and followed by many people, this is the right time! Do not hesitate to devote 20% of your time to the presentation of the offer you want to promote. To be as comfortable as possible with this promotional step, do not hesitate to work your slides upstream to soften the transition. But above all … dare!

In conclusion, organizing a webinar is simple to set up and really has many benefits. Your company is gaining visibility, being talked about on the web and building more of its expertise. As for your customers and spectators, they form free of charge through your webinar, spend (normally) a good time and find answers to their questions. That is the demand of the people.

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