Invest A Little Time and Money, Save A Lot

By investing in the refurbishment of mailrooms and offices, machines and supplies you could be making your wisest purchases of the year.

Let’s take the mailroom supplies as an example.

Stamps rise in price on 27th March 2017 and they offer no technology, no reporting or visibility tools or cost saving advantages. They are like using a typewriter instead of a PC, time, technology and cost implications aren’t positive.

A smart technology franking machine which is Royal Mail Mailmark compliant offers optimum tools but the postal fees are considerably lower than with stamps and less than standard franking machines.

Stamps are counterproductive for your business. A small outlay for franking machine rental or purchase and some mailroom supplies alterations could pay for themselves incredibly quickly in monetary and efficiency areas.


Royal Mail fees from 27th March 2017:

1st class stamp:                        65p

Standard franking 1st class:     57p

Mailmark franking 1st class:    55p

2nd class stamp:                      53p

Standard franking 2nd class: 41p

Mailmark franking 2nd class:  38p


Using the same mailroom and office stationery supplies firm for all needs can benefit clients hugely. With online accounts which are accessible 24/7, there’s a one stop shop for office stationery supplies, franking machine credit, mailroom supplies and equipment, even refreshments.

IMS Franking is a leading example. Their name may suggest that they only handle franking machine solutions but they cater to new and existing business, mailroom and office stationery supplies customers and can readily assist with refurbishment, from consultancy to furniture and after-sales to rental support packages.

Mailroom and office stationery supplies companies offer…

  • Franking machine rental.
  • Franking machine purchase.
  • Letter inserters and openers.
  • Excel mail monitors.

  • Computer hardware and supplies.
  • Computer software.
  • Desktop tools.

  • Office stationery supplies. E.g. ink, paper, envelopes, notebooks, presentation tools.
  • Cleaning stock.


Mailroom supplies and equipment benefits:

  • Hire or purchase machines.
  • Manage budgets effectively.
  • Royal Mail accredited machines.
  • Smart technology enabled franking.
  • Mailmark eligibility – the best pricing tariff.
  • Potential VAT reclaim advantages.
  • No Post Office, no queues.
  • A professional image.
  • Trackable mail.
  • Reports are time efficient.
  • Machines calculate costs for you.
  • Compare couriers/Royal Mail.
  • Business mail services.
  • Free marketing via franking machines.
  • Mailroom equipment opens post much faster than staff.
  • Inserts letters in to envelopes at a jaw-dropping pace, always accurately.
  • Can absorb an increase in usage.
  • Uses cutting edge technology.
  • Will cope with future developments from Royal Mail.

Look for a firm which has a customer service guarantee in place and that has excellent reviews. Ensure that you work with a Royal Mail approved mailroom equipment provider, they are partners who understand the mail network and how to maximise its potential and minimise overheads.

For example, if you are using the main mailboxes and postal network as private users do, there is a better way. Business mail clients enjoy accuracy related fee savings of up to 20% and post is often more efficiently handled.

Refurbish and rejuvenate your office and mailroom spaces this spring, you’ll be delighted with the return on investment.


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