Trackdat, a Kickstarter with a difference

A compliment to the age of artificial intelligence is here for you. Trackdat an upcoming Android app can motivate you to improve your lifestyle. You’ll be surprised that all your New Year resolutions do not go astray but stay in place.

Now you can be a part of the quantified self movement with by recording everything you do accurately and easily with the unique kick starter Trackdat app. No more excuses and no more cover ups. All your lifestyle improvement schedules will stay intact. With the complimentary features to self-tracking in this app, you will be more motivated to stretch your goals even further with a smile.

The self-tracking Android app TrackDat will help you through your entire improvement process and guide you to reach your goals without a hassle. And interestingly enough, this app is free for you! Of course, you can have paid premium version for more self understanding and lifestyle suggestions at a nominal price as well.

Your lifestyle, your goals, and your ambition are all at the tip of your fingertips. Once you start using this application, you’ll notice visible changes in your attitude, lifestyle, and behavioural pattern that would never have been achieved without some type of assisted self reflection.

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You can have a personal digital trainer and coach from TrackDat. This socially driven app can work wonders for people with all different goals. The data analytics will help you stay focus and on track. This self-tracking app will give a quantitative analysis of all users with similar goals so you don’t need to track every little thing about your life.

You will be prompted and encouraged to join like-minded social groups to have more enticement and encouragement in self-improvement. Before you know it, you will see yourself as an advisor too! And nearly all of this is done without sacrificing your privacy in any way.

The kick-starter Trackdat says ‘you control your data, your analytics, and your social space’ so go out there and improve your life.

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